Generates perfectly unpredictable random numbers, derived from a quantum source and delivered at the speeds needed for commercial applications, to ensure the strongest level of encryption.

qStream Overview

The strength of your encryption is heavily dependent on the quality of your cryptographic keys. Our true quantum random number generator (QRNG) qStream™ provides encryption keys with full entropy, i.e. that are truly random. These keys are derived from a quantum source which is unpredictable by nature and are of the highest quality. With a rate of 1 Gbit/s, qStream is the world’s fastest commercial true random number generator  cost-effectively meeting the need for high throughput, quality random for commercial applications whether in enterprise, cloud or shared environments.

qStream delivers random numbers for the generation of cryptographic keys and other security parameters, deterministic RNG seeding, initialization vectors, nonces, random challenges, authentication and DSA signing. Other applications include Entropy as a Service (EaaS), simulations, modeling and computer gaming.


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