IBM i Micro-Segmentation: A Strategic Approach to Network Security

Micro-segmentation represents a transformative methodology in the realm of network security. It eschews the traditional focus on individual actions, opting instead for a strategy that partitions the network into more manageable, smaller segments. The following points provide a succinct overview of micro-segmentation and zero-trust security:


This approach redefines network segmentation, basing it on IP addresses and ports rather than tracking specific actions.

Zero-Trust Security:

This security model transcends conventional methods by stipulating not only who can access resources, but also the specific locations from which these resources can be accessed.

Granular Control:

Zero-trust security offers a level of control that is both detailed and precise, allowing for meticulous regulation of user activity across various network segments.



 Ransomware and other advanced attacks are causing greater damage than ever
before, and many of these attacks are the result of lateral movement inside the

network after hackers have penetrated firewall defenses.

In an escalating threat landscape, breaches are inevitable. The ColorTokens

Xtended ZeroTrust™ Platform stops the spread of breaches before they can do

damage, preventing them from becoming large scale attacks that can harm your


Based on the NIST Zero Trust architecture, the ColorTokens solution delivers

full visibility and control of network communications, blocks unauthorized

connections and prevents the lateral spread of malware. Your critical assets are

segmented and isolated with granular access policies, protected from malicious

access. With zero disruption to your business


ColorTokens Xshield - Zero Trust Micro-segmentation

Xshield deploys seamlessly and delivers deep visibility into network assets and
communication flows, segments and protects assets with granular policies that

progress from simple enforcement to full Zero Trust.

ColorTokens Xprotect - Process Level Control and Enforcement

Xprotect locks down endpoints and servers with process control enforcement,

and quarantines suspected devices until remediation.

ColorTokens Xassure - 24/7 Managed Zero Trust Service

Xassure team of cybersecurity SOC experts accelerate customer adoption of

micro-segmentation with Zero Trust services tailored to customer needs, from

active breach containment to micro-segmentation and extending protection to

users and devices


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