• The IBM i is a secure system but when it is not properly configured it can be vulnerable.
  • The IBM i provides exceptional functionality but can be complex.
  • The IBM i is an excellent platform on which to administer your confidential data – so you had better be sure that it is configured for optimal security.

You need to be sure that your IBM i is and remains secure.

The Vulnerability Check from SRC Secure Solutions:

SRC Secure Solutions will analyze your IBM i and evaluate its vulnerabilities.

Using specialist system interrogation software we will leave no stone unturned when examining all aspects of the system. SRC will produce more than 30 detailed reports on the various aspects of your systems security. We will analyze these reports and after discussing these with you we will advise you on weaknesses we have discovered in your security and inform you on how these vulnerabilities might be resolved.

The security plan:

As a result of the first analysis a remediation plan will be produced to resolve any issues which have come to light.

  • Check System Values.
  • Examine User Profiles
  • Examine Object Authorities
  • Examine Exit Points
  • Examine TCP/IP security
  • Discover Adopted Authority
  • Miscellaneous

Vulnerability Check phases (Per system-LPAR)

  • Phase one:
    Discussion with security officer to identify required security level
    Install and run security analysis tool Risk Assessor (temporary license)
  • Phase two:
    Analyze output from Risk Assessor
    Prepare Security Plan
  • Phase three:
    Discuss Security Plan with customer
    Advise remediation

Monitoring illegitimate network access attempts

Using a temporary installation of the Raz-Lee iSecurity Firewall for IBM i, we monitor all network access to the i for a pre-determined period. Any illegal access will be monitored (and can be prevented).


Once we have analyzed your system, identified the vulnerabilities and assisted you with your security plan, you must decide on the steps to be taken to remedy the problems. Here too SRC can assist you with our Vulnerability Remediation Service (separate document). Once you have implemented the remediation you can run a second Vulnerability Check to confirm that your IBM i is as secure as you need it to be.