Unified Management of Multiple Systems


iSecurity Multi System manages multiple systems from a single control point. When operating multiple systems or LPARs, iSecurity Mulit System allows you to define the tool once and it copies across all systems. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically from both GUI and green screens across the IBM i network. Data is merged and shown as a single view.


Key features

  • Defines once - copies the definitions to other Systems/LPARs (Logical Partitions)
  • Runs reports over the IBM i network, merges data, shows as single output
  • Runs reports over a copy of the data of another system
  • Sends SYSLOG Trap messages to "Central Console" systems
  • Can be scheduled to run automatically from GUI and green screens
  • All iSecurity products offer same environment with same queries
  • Output can be sent by e-mail as HTML, PDF, CSV
  • Output can be opened as EXCEL in the GUI interface


Dataheet PDF

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