Flexible Control of User Authorities

iSecurity Authority on Demand saves valuable time and resources, enforces segregation of duties and enables relevant personnel to obtain access to approved information when needed. Its real-time audit of access rights protects sensitive corporate assets and significantly reduces the number of profiles with powerful special authorities.

iSecurity Authority on Demand simplifies the process of granting special authorities when necessary, and incorporates easy-to-use reporting and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that this extremely sensitive and potentially dangerous capability is not misused. It also enables recovery from different types of emergency situations with minimum chances for human error.


Key features

  • Provides users different authority profiles on an as-needed basis based upon pre-defined rules
  • Logs all product and requestor related activities as well as all user's activities while operating at with a different authority profile, including screen shots, before and after data images, commands and more
  • Site-definable Email message alerts and SYSLOG messages
  • Capabilities for restricting requestors to particular dates, times, IP addresses, time span of higher authority and more
  • PIN number verification can be set per authority
  • User-friendly GUI interface
  • User Exit Program can override decision to allow or reject an authority request

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