QAUDJRN Auditing, Monitoring and Reporting for IBM i

iSecurity Audit is the only security auditing product available for the IBM i that is designed from the ground up for ease-of-use by non-technical personnel, such as outside auditors and managers.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of system related activities and initiates responses to potential threats.
  • Flexibility to audit only the critical events that are deemed necessary
  • Logging QSHELL for QSH and PASE
  • View system audit log information
  • Graphical intelligence and analysis
  • Powerful report generator and scheduler. Over 200+ built-in reports for Auditing & Compliance Reporting
  • Available in the native “green-screen” interface or a state-of-the-art GUI
  • Comprehensive system for managing and controlling disk space
  • Identifies critical IBM i resource change events (CPU, disk space, and other parameters)
  • Identifies peculiar or highly questionable system behavior
  • Action module activation (warning notifications and CL script activation) when the above are identified


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