Direct IBM i client-only access to non-DB2 databases

Using native SQL on the IBM i, users can now access specific files on DB2 and non-DB2 remote databases without any special hardware appliance or software on the remote database. Access, which is possible from interactive STRSQL and from any standard RPG, Cobol, C, etc. programs, is now easier and more natural than ever.

DB-Gate has been proven to be a successful and full replacement for Oracle Access Manager (OAM); note that OAM is not supported beginning with IBM i release 7.3!

Top DB-Gate Benefits & Advantages

  • "Opens" the entire non-DB2 spectrum of databases
  • Greatly expands programmer's capabilities when working with non-DB2 databases
  • Reduces the need for redundant data and ETL (extract, transformation, load) data manipulation products
  • Provides detailed traceability logs
  • Eliminates the need for *SQLPCK, even when accessing another DB2 database (including one on the IBM i)
  • Low entry cost
  • No overhead
  • Virtually no learning curve.

Key features

  • Unique technology enables transparent access to any database (MySQL, ORACLE, MS SQL,DB2, Informix, SQLite) or data source (e.g., Excel) which resides on any IBM or non-IBM platform.
  • Integrated with the STRSQL lets you prompt to see the Table names, Column names, and more.
  • Expands IBM i-based DRDA functionality by enabling transparent connectivity with JDBC databases not supported by DRDA
  • Uses standard SQL syntax and is based upon standard IBM i functionality - so there is virtually no learning curve to get up and running.
  • Remote Server Authentication that makes use of the IBM Server Authentication Entries, injecting them seamlessly when needed, and eliminating the need to remember and re-enter a user name and password for each CONNECT to a remote DB.

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