Command-line Control & Monitoring

CL commands control nearly all IBM i functionality. As such, monitoring, controlling and logging CL commands is essential for both the on-going functioning of the company as well as to comply with regulations such as GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, PCI and auditor-mandated policies.

To properly analyze a CL command parameter, accurate referral is required. iSecurity Command is the only product that has the ability to refer to each part of a complex parameter separately, as well as to the parameter as a whole. Command includes a variety of selection criteria which enable replacing, adding or removing qualifiers, elements and list elements!

Key features

  • System or User Defined CL commands can be filtered according to the relationship between parameters, originator (job, user, IP) and context (from which program, environment)
  • Reference to a specific qualifier or element allows differentiating between "PAYROLL" as part of the file name or the library name itself
  • Selection criteria include EQ, LIST, LIKE, START, etc. and ITEM, which ensures the existence of a specific user in an external table to verify that the user has, for example, special authority
  • CL command Reject or Allow with or without modifications may initiate alerts by e-mail, Syslog, Tweeter, etc.
  • Replace, prior to execution, an element, a qualifier, an entire parameter or the CL command itself
  • Extensive log with a full Report Generator produces HTML and PDF reports and sends them by e mail

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