Centralized and vendor-neutral encryption key management solution, designed to easily address the toughest challenges in key management. Incorporates the strongest keys for all security uses with the high-speed Quantum Random Number Generator, and the safety of a FIPS compliant key store.


qCrypt Overview

Encryption key management is one of the most complex challenges in data security.
To have a successful enterprise-wide encryption, you need a centralized and highly compatible key and policy management solution to manage keys and implement policies that appropriately control access and privileges.

Our key and policy manager qCrypt™ is fully interoperable and can seamlessly integrate with legacy devices, reducing the overall cost of your security system, while providing stronger encryption solutions for data in use, in motion or at rest. qCrypt also allows centralized key and policy management with full key lifecycle management, and usage and policy controls enabling strong and comprehensive end-to-end encryption.

qCrypt supports the OASIS Key Management interoperability protocol (KMIP) and is tested with many third-party devices, applications and environments.

 qCrypt Data Sheet PDF