Year after year, the amount of data being stored and exchanged around the world increases at an exponential rate. Costs for data storage and transmission continue to grow, whether organizations maintain their files on-premises or in the cloud. An efficient, flexible solution for data compression is essential for managing costs and resource demands.



 Some files need to be decrypted by anyone in the organization, whether the files were originally passphrase-encrypted or encrypted for specific recipients. No matter how they were encrypted, contingency keys can provide a safeguard to be sure that the organization’s important information does not risk becoming permanently inaccessible. PK Protect helps you manage every key your organization holds.



Provides strong protection for sensitive data without disruptions to user workflows.


Enables organization-wide control and consistent policy enforcement.


Automates the discovery and remediation of unencrypted sensitive data.


Compressed files are as much as 90% smaller than the uncompressed data.


Applies persistent strong encryption that travels with protected files, even outside the organization.


Includes compression, command-line interface, and cross-platform functionality.



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