We see IT staffs being asked to do more and more with no additional resources. Yes, you have the ability to do all of the tasks being asked of you, but can you physically get them all done? What are you not able to do because you are required to generate a compliance report? Or, what security administration task isn’t being accomplished because you just can’t get to it? Perhaps it’s time to ask for help. I understand that to some of you that may appear to be a sign of weakness – at least that was one of the excuses I made to myself for not asking for help. Eventually I realized that it was a sign of wisdom to know what I should be spending my time on and what I could ask others to do. I needed to work smarter – not harder.

How SkyView Partners Products Help

Because you also need ways to work smarter, not harder, we’ve introduced the SkyView IBM i Security Compliance Solution. With this solution, a member of the SRC Secure Solutions Support Team will install and configure the SkyView products for you. We will also schedule the appropriate jobs so that the reports will automatically be sent to the appropriate inbox.

The final results are that you’ll receive regular risk assessment updates and compliance reports that document and help you monitor the security configuration of your system including many user profile settings - inactive profiles, default passwords, password expiration intervals and special authorities - just to name a few. You will also receive reports on access control settings - for example, access to files (in both libraries and the IFS) that contain critical data. In addition, you'll receive reports that examine system values so that you can ensure your systems' auditing controls and password rules remain in compliance with your policy.

If you’d like more information on the SRC Secure Soluitions IBM i Security Compliance Solution contact us here.

Carol Woodbury is co-founder and President of SkyView Partners.