All of this is only feasible by automating the processes of security administration, data protection and systems monitoring.

To help you reduce the risk of data breaches, to secure your systems and to stay in compliance with the regulations SRC Secure Solutions develops, supplies and installs a broad range of software solutions for most OS platforms. With our software we help companies comply with standards like ISO 27001, ISF Standard of Good Practice (SOGP) regulations such as Basel II/Basel III and laws like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

SRC Secure Solutions was built on more than 20 years experience of supplying state-of-the art ICT solutions to large, medium and small organisations and companies.
Given that you must secure your systems and data, the solutions from SRC Secure Solutions can actually deliver you a return on investment in the short term.

Here are just a few of the ROI’s you can expect:
•    Reduction of labour costs by automating compliance
•    Reduction of storage costs by encryption!
•    Reduce the costs of external auditors by automating the audit
•    Protecting your data = protecting your business
•    Prevention is better than a cure!!

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