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SRC Secure Solutions is a software developer and reseller based in Amstelveen (The Netherlands) specialized in solutions for data security, security compliance and system monitoring for various operating systems.

SRC Secure Solutions develops software for the IBM System i, i5, iSeries and AS400 and is a value added reseller for a number of respected and well-known software vendors including PKWARE, Shavlik Technologies, SkyView Partners, Halcyon Software and Escherware. Software products developed by SRC Secure Solutions include iMenu400 and iTaskManager. These products assist companies to comply with regulations such as SOX and Basel II.


With iMenu400 companies can easily structure, organize and document employee access to applications on iSeries systems. User profiles, menus and menu options are maintained by a security officer or delegated IT staff. Limited access to administration can be delegated to department administrators. With the optional function "Segregation of duties" a second person must approve all proposed changes within the iMenu400 structure. To meet the compliance requirements of companies and organizations such as financial institutions, all changes in authorizations and configurations are documented automatically within iMenu400.

Engineering company

A number of the core applications of the engineering company are running on i5. Examples are FMS for financial services, EMIS for Human Resource Management, FPA for the financial project administration.  The company has been utilizing OS/400 and i5/OS since the introduction of these systems. In September 2010 an IBM Power System will be implemented running under i5/OS V6R1.
The company has been using APD/400 for many years to control user access to the applications running on i5. When IBM decided to stop supporting and developing APD/400 further from i5/OS 5.3 the company and other APD/400 users had to look to the market for an alternative.

IBM’s APD/400

APD/400 stands for Application Program Driver/400 and integrates Application System/400 (iSeries, i5 and System i) applications into a common processing environment for IBM applications, third party and homegrown applications. APD/400 provides a standard interface where functions common to other integrated applications can be used in the same way. APD/400 facilitates the work of end users, system operators, application administrators and application developers.

iMenu400, a proven alternative for IBM’s APD/400

iMenu400 is a standard application for controlled access to applications on i5/OS, (formally known as OS/400). iMenu400 is used by a number of companies worldwide like ABN AMRO Bank BU Private Clients, Kawasaki Europe, Mitsubishi Motors Europe, Nidera Handelscompagnie, Santander Benelux, etc.

iMenu400 at the engineering company

The Dutch engineering company has replaced APD/400 with iMenu400. All features and functionalities which were in use by the engineering company are available within iMenu400. The implementation and configuration of iMenu400 to replace APD/400 to iMenu400 took only a couple of days from the engineering company.  SRC Secure Solutions provided support to the engineering company for half a day. All users have been defined and the engineering company is in compliance with all regulations applicable for an engineering company.

SRC Secure Solutions BV.
Amstelveen, July 2010.