Mainframe Encryption Software

Reduce processing times, increase operational efficiencies, and leverage existing investments within your mainframe environment.


Application Integration

SecureZIP for z/OS with Application Integration decrypts data and streams it directly to the application without staging decrypted data to disk. After the application completes processing, it streams the data to SecureZIP for encryption - once again, unprotected data is never staged to disk.

Most other job processes, unlike SecureZIP Application Integration, require data to be decrypted and staged, unprotected, in order for the application to access it when needed. Once data processing is complete, the application again stages the data to disk, leaving it unprotected.

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Standard Edition

High Performance Compression & Security in the Data Center
  • Interoperability with IBM® System i ®, UNIX®/Linux® and Windows® servers, and Windows desktops ensures files can be shared across diverse environments
  • Uses FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, conforming to Federal requirements and industry best practices
  • Includes enhanced tape processing that significantly reduces the time need to write files to and extract files from tape media
  • Create self-extracting ZIP archives that others can open on Windows desktops without installing software
Leverage Operational Efficiencies and Leverage Existing Investments
  • Delivers cross-platform compatibility (Windows desktop, Windows and UNIX/Linux servers, IBM i, and IBM zSeries)
  • System Integration: Directly write to, and read from, UNIX/Linux and Windows file systems
  • ICSF Integration: Take advantage of IBM hardware/software encryption while maintaining file compatibility across all platforms
  • File Compression: Compressing data saves time and valuable system resourcesRead More

Enterprise Edition

Includes all features of SecureZIP Standard Edition for z/OS
  • Certificate-based encryption and digital signature support
  • Application integration - stream sensitive data directly to and from applications without ever staging unprotected data to disk
  • Maintains control of data - contingency key provides administrative access to any data processed within the mainframe environment

SecureZIP Enterprise Edition integration with IBM System Access Facility (SAF) includes:

SAF Enhanced Key Stores
  • Protection of private keys used for signing & decryption, located in Security Server Key Rings
  • Support for managing and using private keys in IBM’s SAF-controlled ICSF CKDS (Cryptographic Key Data Set)
  • Improved key management – shared keys across multiple enterprise applications from an industry standard key store
SAF-Secured Passphrase Management
  • Improved operational security with the elimination of exposed cryptographic passphrases
  • SecureKey operations for algorithms supported by installed cryptographic coprocessors
  • Passphrase management isolated from job execution
Hardened Policy Lockdown
  • Establish security controls strictly enforced using SAF
  • Separate resource control from product installation and job execution
  • SAF enforcement of Contingency Key processing for encrypted data recovery and oversight
  • Security audit trail with SMF (System Management Facility) records


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