Cross-Platform Encryption Software


Protect data on midrange systems for secure transfer and storage

SecureZIP® delivers easy-to-deploy data protection for your i5/OS® environment. Built on the familiar and reliable .ZIP standard, SecureZIP from PKWARE® is the only data-centric security product that allows you to encrypt information on one computing platform and transfer it to any other computing platform in your environment. SecureZIP for i5/OS complements your existing security investments and can be used with passphrase or public/private key encryption, and digital signatures to ensure data integrity as it moves throughout your organization. SecureZIP also allows you to maintain control of your data via Contingency Key, which provides administrative access to any of the data processed within your midrange environment.


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SecureZIP for i5/OS has been developed to leverage the uniqueness of the midrange platform. SecureZIP facilitates automated installation using the LODRUN command or manually using the RSTLIB command, so there is no need to alter your existing processes. SecureZIP streamlines the EBCDIC/ASCII conversion process, making file exchange with other platforms easy and non-disruptive. SecureZIP also provides tools to efficiently store information on physical media, making it the ideal solution for securing data at rest or in transit.

  • 1Step2Tape writes files directly to tape, eliminating the need to first save them to disk.
  • Significant savings in time required to write to tape media.
  • Faster performance for tape-oriented functions.  

System Requirements:  v5R1M0 or later

SecureZIP for System i Products:


SecureZIP for i5/OS Standard Edition

Provides passphrase-based strong encryption using the industry-standard RSA BSAFE® libraries using TDES or AES (128-, 192-, or 256-bit) algorithms, combined with efficient, reliable ZIP compression and 1Step2Tape to speed critical business processes.

SecureZIP for i5/OS Enterprise Edition

Adds certificate-based encryption built on the industry-standard RSA BSAFE libraries using TDES or AES (128-, 192-, or 256-bit) algorithms, digital signing/authentication, and integration with LDAP-compliant interfaces to easily access digital certificates.



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