ZIP Mainframe

PKZIP® conserves storage space and reduces transfer times in your mainframe environment.

Mainframes remain the centerpiece of the data center, handling the bulk of the data that is processed within large organizations. Compressing data saves time and valuable system resources. And since data no longer stays on the mainframe, PKZIP provides a universally accepted file format that can be easily and efficiently sent to Windows® desktops, IBM® Midrange, or UNIX®/Linux®/Windows servers throughout the organization and beyond, to partners, suppliers, and customers.

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Developed specifically for OS/390® and z/OS®, PKZIP for z/OS reduces bandwidth consumption and file size by as much as 95 percent, minimizing the processing time to meet constrained system availability windows. And for files being saved to physical media, PKZIP can now significantly reduce the time needed to write files to and extract files from tape media with Enhanced Tape Processing. Files are written directly to tape media, bypassing the need to stage them to disk. PKZIP for z/OS also includes enhanced file handling features to further accelerate critical business processes in the data center.

PKZIP for z/OS highlights:
  • Fast, efficient data and file compression
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • EBCDIC/ASCII conversions
  • Defer expensive DASD upgrades
  • Support for EXE/SFX
  • Enhanced tape processing
  • Unmatched flexibility — 100 percent configurable installation
PKZIP for z/OS

Add security as well as compression to mainframe data

SecureZIP® for z/OS, an extension of PKZIP, encrypts mainframe data to help organizations comply with security requirements. The solution includes:

  • Options for passphrase or certificate encryption
  • Support for digital signatures
  • Integration with IBM hardware encryption

System Requirements:
OS/390 - 2.10
All versions of z/OS

PKZIP for z/OS Products:

  • PKZIP for z/OS Standard Edition
    The classic ZIP compression for z/OS, providing cross-platform data exchange.
  • PKZIP for z/OS Enterprise Edition
    Includes support for large files and enhanced tape processing.



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