Server Compression Software

Servers provide the basis for sharing and moving information throughout the enterprise, as well as with external business partners. PKZIP for Server is the industry-leading compression utility that aggregates and compresses files while greatly reducing transmission times and required storage space.

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PKZIP Server

PKZIP for Server Standard Edition

  • Improve processing efficiencies by directly streaming data in and out of applications
  • Exchange data across desktops, servers, midrange and mainframe systems
  • Reduce transfer time and conserve storage space up to 95%
  • Automatically distribute files from servers to desktops

Application Integration

With Application Integration, data can be streamed directly in and out of applications.  Without Application Integration, the zip file would be extracted and written to disk as a data file, before it can be read by an application.  Application Integration eliminates this step, improving operational efficiency by reducing the number of steps needed to process data.

PKZIP for Server Enterprise Edition

  • Automatically extract files without software on desktops using self-extracting file support
  • Integration with FTP and SMTP for automated delivery of files
  • If you want to evaluate these advanced features, contact sales at +3120 5036001 for a product key



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