iSeries® File Compression Software

Reduce file transfer time and conserve storage space in IBM® i5/OS®

Among their many mission-critical responsibilities, data center managers must ensure CPU cycles are efficiently managed so that business-critical processes remain available at all times. Compressing data with PKZIP® for i5/OS® reduces data transfer bandwidth and storage requirements for midrange systems. PKZIP is completely interoperable and ensures that all files compressed using PKZIP can be transferred to any other computing platform in your environment and decompressed. PKZIP for i5/OS has been specifically designed for midrange environments, helping organizations reduce DASD utilization and network traffic with fast and efficient data compression that can be integrated into automated processes. When used pre-transfer, PKZIP for i5/OS can also proportionally reduce the amount of time dedicated to sharing data between systems.

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In addition to compressing data, PKZIP streamlines the transmission process by providing built-in data translators when data is exchanged between EBCDIC and ASCII-based systems. ZIP archives enable the ability to send groups of files in a single archive to help System i™ administrators better schedule and manage routine data transfers between midrange systems as well as with UNIX®/Linux®/Windows® Servers, z/OS, and Windows desktops. PKZIP also enables you to write files directly to tape, eliminating the need to first save them to disk. This feature allows the user to achieve significant savings in I/O and DASD resources and eliminate the extra I/O required to move data between job steps.

PKZIP for i5/OS Highlights:
  • EBCDIC/ASCII conversions
  • Defer expensive DASD upgrades
  • Support for EXE/SFX
  • Unmatched flexibility — 100 percent configurable installation
iSeries File Compression Software

Add security and compression to your midrange data

SecureZIP® for i5/OS encrypts data to help organizations comply with security requirements. The solution includes:

  • Options for passphrase or certificate encryption
  • Support for digital signatures
  • Directory integration

PKZIP® i5/OS® Products:

  • PKZIP for i5/OS Standard Edition
    The classic ZIP compression for your midrange system environments.
  • PKZIP for i5/OS Enterprise Edition
    Includes support for large files and 1Step2Tape.

System Requirements:     v5R1M0 or later



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