Compress files for maximum savings on storage space and transmission times

PKZIP® for Windows® works as effectively for individual users as for enterprise users. Data compression reduces file size by as much as 95 percent, speeding transmission time and maximizing storage space to deliver significant bottom-line savings without requiring additional hardware investments. PKZIP provides integration with Microsoft Outlook® to automatically ZIP attachments sent via email as well as support for passphrase encryption to maintain data security. Enterprise customers    can ensure corporate policies for data compression and security are enforced; administrators can centrally control PKZIP’s use through the Policy Manager to achieve maximum savings benefits for file compression and consistent protection of valuable information.

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PKZIP for Windows provides:
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook to automatically compress email attachments.
  • Enforcement of enterprise policies using policy management capabilities, controlling who can use encryption and what method of encryption they use.
  • Ease-of-use features to ensure rapid end-user adoption.
  • The .ZIP file format that is compatible across all major enterprise platforms.
  • Command-line add-on for scripting unattended processes.
Windows Zip Files


PKZIP Desktop

PKZIP for Windows Products:


PKZIP for Windows Standard Edition

Efficient, reliable ZIP compression combined with passphrase-based data security. Includes automatic integration with Microsoft Outlook.



You can download a trail of this software from our Download Center.



PKZIP for Windows Enterprise Edition

Adds centralized administrative control of end-user options from the Policy Manager to ensure consistent compression and data security on all user desktops.



You can download a trail of this software from our Download Center.